Kailash Steel Industries was set up in 1983 by Devilal Jain – a fire brand entrepreneur. It started with trading stainless steel utensils and soon was recognised for its own innovation, quality, commitment and customer orientation. The company grew rapidly and today we are the pioneering and leading brand in the Indian Kitchenware market.

KSC is a brand, well known in Indian wholesale market for its Quality & Commitment. The company has more than 250 products in the prepare, work and serve verticals & kitchenware. The company has manufacturing facilities at Nala Sopara, Mumbai. The company headquarters are at Nala Sopara, Mumbai

KSC and Surbhi Products are manufactured both with premium quality stainless steel for the ones looking in for the quality market and also from the standard quality stainless steel for the ones looking for the price aspect. The commitment in both the cases in terms of value addition to the product and its utility is always done with highest attention.

Kailash Steel Industries started its journey in Mumbai. Within a short time span, Kailash Steel Industries made its presence across India and became one of the most recognized kitchenware brand.